Teacher Training


The Crystal Healer Teacher Training course is ...

an activation of your inherent ability to rebalance and heal with crystals.

Katie shares her wisdom and experience working with crystals and creating a business as a Crystal Healer, as well as, how to incorporate Crystal Alchemy into the structure of an existing healing modality. The course can also simply support your personal life and healing journey working with crystals. 

The course comes with literature curated by Katie, a private healing session and activation, and a certificate of completion.

The class is a private training that is about 4 hours long with a short lunch break. 

Trainings are done locally in Hollywood or over Skype for those who are not able to complete the training in person. 


A brief overview of the class -

Cleanse, program, and activate crystals

 Set the healing space and connect with clients for sessions

 Strengthen the connection with your Higher Self and Universal Guidance

 Work with crystals for self-healing, with clients, and for sacred ceremonies

 Connect with crystals and the chakra system

 Awaken your innate ability to rebalance and heal yourself

 Deepen your connection with crystals and their properties



Payment for the course is due in advance of the training. Payment is accepted through Venmo, the Cash App, or PayPal.