Crystal Healing is an ancient holistic healing modality that awakens the innate gifts of minerals to empower individuals on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Crystals work through color and vibration and hold incredible universal energies to activate the bodies inherent ability to rebalance and heal itself. The subtle energy of the crystalline structure aligns to our electromagnetic field or Aura and raises our vibration, clearing and activating our intuitive channels, chakras and energy fields.

Crystals have lived in the Earth’s electromagnetic energy field for eons of time collecting expansive cosmic wisdom and receiving the nurturing energies of the Mother Earth. Crystals act as interdimensional tools of self-empowerment and transformation providing easier access to the Higher Realms to heal the etheric blueprint and expand consciousness.

The “laying of the stones” during a Crystal Healing session involves the crystalline transmissions to radiate into ones inner sanctums to dissolve old energies and uplift the frequencies that serve. Crystals assist in gently clearing old patterns and programs from the cellular memory as harmony is restored throughout the left and right hemispheres and the bodies central and peripheral nervous system. 

  • The Crystal, Reiki, ThetaHealing & Chakra Clearing healing modalities Katie offers are combined and incorporated into an hour long session.