SWEATHEORY: Crystal Reiki sound and chakra meditation class

Saturdays @ 6:30pm / Sundays @ 5:00pm*

*Space is limited - please reserve a spot with link above or call: 310.956.2307

About the class:

Discover practical & magical ways to work with the Crystal Kingdom in your every day life through a brief lecture followed by a transcendent Reiki & Crystal infused sound healing with guided meditation. 

Let go and experience deep peace and relaxation as harmony is restored throughout the entire being while basking in the radiance of medical grade chakra healing lights and a Himalayan salt wall. 

In this class you'll discover how to cleanse, activate & program crystals with positive intentions, the benefits of balancing, clearing & activating chakras with crystals, Reiki and crystal singing bowl sound healing to raise your vibration & connect with your Higher Self.